Thursday, October 7, 2010

300 MPH Achieved!

 Dan and the 8270 Streamliner 
reached 300.104 MPH this morning!

Check out some on-board video 
footage taken from the parachute mount:

Can't get your head around that speed?  Folks, that's 440 feet per second or 146 yards per second!  To our local friends...the full run from 0 MPH down the entire course is like going from Bakersfield to Enosburg in 2 minutes!

Dan had a good morning pull...but by the fourth mile there was lots of coolant smoke coming into the cockpit.  We later discovered water pump had lost power and we were able to fix it.

We were hopeful for more speed so we changed the super charger pulley for more boost but during the second run we had an alternator belt failure.  There are a few more issues to work out with the higher boost levels so we'll be making some repairs and adjustments in the morning.

Dan on the starting line next to Skip Hedrich (who ran 347 MPH that run!  Go Skip!)

A rain storm blew across the salt late this afternoon so we packed it in after the second run.

Crew Highlights:

Happy Boy!
Dan:  Duh!  (he says with a big smile...'nuf said)
Dru:  Boost!
Mike: Watching someone reach a goal that he set out to conquer years ago!
Sarah Jo: Seeing all of Dan's hard work pay off...goal achieved!

Stay tuned for what comes together tomorrow!

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  1. Yay yay YAY!!!! I am sooooo happy and excited for you all! Personal goal achieved with flying colors! WoooooHOO!!!! I'm glad the issues that reared their ugly faces were dealt with.....

    And staying tuned for sure! (and now I'll stop so the exclamation points don't TOTALLY take over this message. HAHAHA)